Colburn said she voted for Trump in 2016 in part because he promised to cease “endless wars” and bring home troops. Now, that promise is on the rocks, and entanglement in the Middle East appears prolonged. Regardless, Colburn and many other Trump loyalists still back the president’s recent action against Iran.

“Oh, I still support him,” said Colburn, responding to whether Trump broke his “American First” promise. She added that her family benefits too much from the Trump economy to jump ship.

Jennifer Halk, also in line for the rally, wearing a matching “Trump 2020” beanie and scarf, scoffed that the U.S. was “right back into it again” when asked about Trump running on getting out of the Middle East. “I think they need to bring everybody back,” she said. But Halk also said she’ll support the president no matter what.