So here we sit at the precipice of extending this drama. For the record, I opposed the impeachment of President Clinton as nothing more than the politics of personal destruction. My views are not about party or partisanship. They are based on a firm belief that impeachments need to be based on true bipartisanship. Otherwise, they have no place in our democracy.

We are all better off wrapping this impeachment up. The circumstances in question just don’t rise to the level of an impeachable event, no matter how many times they are repeated.

Asking for an investigation of individuals who once held elected office on the basis of well-known facts may be poor judgment, but it is not criminal. Exerting executive privilege, as almost all prior administrations have done, does not equate to obstructing Congress.

Remarkably, it is the Trump administration providing military aid to Ukraine. The Obama administration did nothing to repel Russia, and it only provided non-lethal aid. Some of the impeachment managers even voted against providing aid. There is no current threat to national security, our democracy or any urgent matter reflected in these events.