Biden does best in vote preference among likely voters, defined here as those who say they’re registered and certain to vote in their state’s primary or caucuses. He has 34% support in this group, leading Sanders, at 22%, and Warren, at 14%. Next are Bloomberg, at 7%; Yang, at 6%; Pete Buttigieg, at 4%; and Amy Klobuchar, at 4%.

Results are similar among all those who report being registered. Among all leaned Democrats regardless of registration, though, the gap between Biden and Sanders becomes non-significant, 28% vs. 24%. That’s because Biden’s support skews older and older people are more apt to be registered.

Warren’s support among all leaned Democrats, 11%, is down from 21% in late October. (She’s down similarly, by 11 points, among those who are registered.) Yang is up by 5 points among all leaned Democrats, and so is Sanders — but in his case the change isn’t statistically significant. It’s Bloomberg’s first appearance in ABC/Post polling this cycle.