The Vermont senator’s people insist that Biden’s lead in the polls will narrow or vanish once backers of Warren come over to their man. It is not clear whether they would in large numbers.

Sanders, not unlike President Donald Trump, has a cultlike following, which means few leave him but also few join up. And while Sanders conceivably could take hard-left support from Warren, Biden could take moderates from Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, Yang and Cory Booker.

Referring to Biden, Sanders recently told The Los Angeles Times that Trump will “eat his lunch.” Biden retorted that he will invite Bernie for “dessert” at the White House. Biden does know how to return a punch.

I’d wager that the spate of Bernie-can-win analyses reflects some news sources’ sensitivity to complaints that the “corporate media” is slighting Bernie. That and the need for a new political angle every week.