At 5:36am on September 29, Paddock texted his mistress. The cell phone number that the text messages came from has been independently verified by using public records. It is listed to an address he shared with Danley in Mesquite, Nevada.

He wrote: ‘I need to talk to you. Please. Call me when you get this. It’ll be good to hear your voice. I need someone to talk to.’

At 5:57am, he then texted: ‘Are you still in Las Vegas? I haven’t been feeling that great and have been struggling a bit lately. It would be good to just hear your voice and hear how you are doing and potentially see each other. Even just for coffee. Please consider it.

Less than ten minutes later, Paddock wrote: ‘Do you still have the same number? It was worth a try. I truly hope you are well, happy and life has been good for you. You’re a good person and I do appreciate everything you have done for me. You have been more than a friend to me and I am sorry for anything I’ve done to hurt you. All the best.’