Does Pelosi hate Donald Trump? Of course she does. She hates that he’s president, that he’s building an economy that is the envy of the world and that he appeals to voters her party used to own. She’s turned him into such a villain that every success of his is a failure for her.

She calls him a coward, an imposter and keeps saying “all roads lead to Putin.”

Actually, all roads under Trump lead to jobs, jobs, jobs. Some 266,000 were added in November, driving the unemployment rate down to 3.5%, the lowest in 50 years. Wages climbed by 3.1% annually — all signals the economic expansion is still strong.

The report was such a blockbuster that even Trump haters had to admit it. “Trump Parries Impeachment With a Boom,” The New York Times said on page one. But if it looked with a fair eye, the Times would see plenty of other good news, too.