You have 21 Republicans who are leaving Congress in 2020, in no small part because they dislike Trump and how difficult he has made their lives. They are not the type of Republicans you’d consider to be “party over country” (or, really, “Trump over country”). Nor are the myriad Trump-skeptical conservatives who still exist in the country who believe that Trump is not the ideal vessel for the movement’s message.

However, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler did nothing to encourage those Republicans to come to their side. They did not even try. We know they didn’t try because not one of those Republicans has come forward to question Trump’s motives in the Ukraine call and subsequent aid hold-up. They have been quiet.

Likewise, there is a small but vocal number of Republicans in the Senate who are also not fans of Trump and aren’t afraid to say when they disagree with him. Senators like Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, and others who most Trump fanatics like to curse and swear at daily. There has been no effort by Senate Democrats to woo them over, either.