Even if we set aside the obvious First Amendment questions posed by a ban on pornography, how exactly would such a policy work logistically? Would the government really force internet service providers to block any sort of pornographic website? How would they go about doing so? The idea of a government so large that bureaucrats monitor and control the internet is dystopian, not conservative.

It seems odd that many of the same people who are upset that conservative PragerU videos are not available for streaming in every elementary school, church, and public library in the country now want big corporations and the government to embrace their roles as censors. Where exactly would this censorship stop? It’s certainly no stretch to imagine a future Democratic president deeming so-called hate speech from conservatives as also “obscene.”

The support for pornography prohibition is rooted in intellectual laziness.

Similar to previous proposals to ban alcohol and violent video games, a ban on pornography ignores the underlying social roots of the problem.