Did the ‘red wall’ crumble because of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership or because of Labour’s betrayal of Brexit? This debate has started in earnest and it will rage for weeks. It is likely to have been a combination of both. Surely one incredibly important lesson the political class will learn from this is that if you disrespect people’s democratic votes — as Labour did with its promise to cancel Brexit and hold a second referendum — then people will punish you. Denigrate democracy and democracy will have its payback.

The insults of the ‘red wall’ inhabitants will fly thick and fast. The over-educated middle classes who make up the membership base of Corbyn’s Labour party will say these people were hoodwinked by tabloids or brainwashed by Bozzer.

Class contempt of Victorian proportions is already being visited upon these good people, in fact. Enraged Corbynista Paul Mason is describing the election result as a ‘victory of the old over the young, racists over people of colour, selfishness over the planet’. These people seem blissfully unaware that it is such seething contempt for ordinary voters that turned so many people off the newly woke, post-working-class Labour party.