Sometime after Epstein’s Aug. 10 suicide, a fellow inmate identified only as “Brown” in the Daily Mail report told Mersey he heard Epstein tearing up his sheets. “Brown said he definitely killed himself, nobody killed him. About six o’clock in the morning, the guards came through. They did not come through during [the] night,” Mersey said.

Mersey rejects conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein’s death—including that he was snuffed out by more powerful people in order to keep dirt about them secret. “There would have to be so many people in on the conspiracy it would be really difficult to orchestrate,” Mersey claimed.

“I am 99.999 percent that he committed suicide,” he added. “I wasn’t there to see it so I can’t be 100 percent, but I wouldn’t bet 2 cents against $1 million that somebody did him. He did himself.”