The lack of surprising or even new developments are major strikes against them. They have the burden of proving their hatred for President Trump is based on something other than resentment over his election or his tweets. That should be a fairly low bar, but they couldn’t get over it.

Although the hearing wasn’t as deadly as special counsel Robert Mueller’s hapless final appearance, it certainly didn’t move the Dems closer to their goal of running Trump out of town.

If Schiff, the zealous California chair of the intelligence panel, has a compelling vision about how to persuade the public that the president committed crimes or anything approaching crimes involving Ukraine, it escapes me. The first day of hearings and the first witnesses should have at least been able to produce facts and tantalizing hints that would leave viewers wanting more.

Instead, the performances of acting Ukraine Ambassador William Taylor and State Department official George Kent left the impression there is little or nothing more to want. Everything to come likely will offer only more detail about the things we already know.