He is absolutely correct. Where I keep getting tripped up is the part where I try to reconcile Obama’s words this week with the fact that he was also the “cancel culture” president, who rather famously relied on his vice president to negotiate with congressional Republicans because Obama, personally, seemed incapable of compromise or latitude for his political opponents.

PJ Media’s Jim Treacher has the same hang-up as me.

“Man, [Obama] must’ve hated the president we had before Trump,” Treacher writes. “That guy was always talking about ‘getting in their faces’ and ‘punching back twice as hard.’ He thought anybody who disagreed with him was just ‘clinging to their guns and religion.’ He was judgmental as hell about a plumber who asked him a question he wasn’t prepared to answer without embarrassing himself. Past Obama was not at all the sort of person Present Obama is describing here.”

He adds, “But hey, it’s still good advice for young people. If you wait long enough, eventually Obama will say something true by accident.”