AOC has basically presented a fantasy vision of the world to the American public. It’s just not grounded in reality. But a very large percentage of voters — 25 percent by some measurements — think this fantasy is real and that AOC could pull it off. This is sad and dangerous. I shudder when I think of how this stunning ignorance would play out in a war or peace situation for this country.

Ignorance is not bliss. It’s super-dangerous, and we would do well to try to educate our people in some basics of real life — such as that terrorists with nuclear weapons are really, really dangerous and that playing trade war chicken with a country as big and powerful as China is dangerous, too. But let’s go on to other, more current situations … and happier ones at that.

Just by the way, speaking of ignorance, a few years ago I was walking through Reagan airport in D.C. and saw an attractive middle-aged woman with short hair. She was dragging a good-sized suitcase all by herself. No greeters. No security. No skycaps. It was Mrs. Warren. We talked for a few minutes about mutual friends at Harvard Law School, and then I let her go. Was she an idiot to be solo with luggage at Reagan or was it the last word in modesty? I’m still not sure, but I admired her for it.