A supermajority of Democrats believes voting tallies were changed to assure a Trump win. There is zero evidence that anything like this happened. If a similar share of Republicans believed in a conspiracy to steal the presidential election, the media would treat it as a scandal, and the blame would fall squarely on the leaders leading GOPers down that crazy highway.

But the media just help this Looney Toons idea along. And they are more apt to do so in speculation over how Trump would handle a hypothetical election loss.

In May, CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote a column headlined: “What Happens If Donald Trump Refuses to Admit He Lost in 2020?” Wrote Cillizza: “Since the moment he won the White House in November 2016, Trump has shown a willingness — actually more of a proclivity — to entertain the idea that there is some sort of broad conspiracy aimed at trying to disenfranchise conservative voters.”

Yet Hillary hasn’t shown more than a mere proclivity to entertain a broad conspiracy — she’s pushing the conspiracy theory on national television to sympathetic hosts. She’s challenging the idea that Trump is the legitimate president of the United States to ­media applause. Where are the pieces from the mainstream scribes condemning her?