“I don’t know what’s going on, Mitt, but honestly, you’re losing it,” Hannity said, “and to me, it’s kind of sad to watch this. It’s sad to see that frankly, you’re morphing into what is only a quintessential swamp, milquetoast, kind of weak, sanctimonious, Washington swamp politician. Very sad to see.”

He brought up Romney’s “secret creepy Twitter thing” under the pseudonym “Pierre Delecto” before expressing disappointment at what the Utah senator and former presidential candidate has become.

Hannity even went so far as to ask Romney, “Are you just jealous that the president is accomplishing everything, pretty much you said… you wanted to accomplish?”

“You had no problem embracing the success of President Trump ahead of your recent election. What changed?” he added. “Why are you now caving to the media mob and the Democrats that like to call you a racist and misogynist? I don’t know, do you think they’re going to like you now? Or are they just using you? So they can get back their power back to implement their policies that will probably destroy this country?”