While the liberal Democrats play political games, Trump will remain focused on Hispanic workers across the country. Under his leadership, more than 2.4 million new jobs have been filled by Hispanic American workers — representing a massive share of the 6.3 million new jobs created since the president’s election. Hispanic median family income has also hit its all-time high in the Trump economy, while the Hispanic poverty rate has reached an all-time low.

Trump kept his promise to make the economy work for all Americans, and that will have lasting effects on Hispanic family wealth for generations to come. Before Donald Trump took office, the Hispanic American unemployment rate had dipped below 5 percent only once in the entire time that the government has tracked that data. Under Trump, we’ve beaten that mark not once, not twice, but an astounding 21 times in just 32 months.

That unprecedented economic prosperity came about thanks to strong leadership and competent policies, not the sort of identity politics that the Democrats routinely direct toward Hispanic Americans by promising open borders, a Green New Deal, and socialized medicine.