Klobuchar has been consistent in playing the Midwestern, middle-of-the-road card since day one of her campaign. She is smart with a head for policy and a record of reaching across the aisle. But her campaign has been sleepy from the start, and it is hard to imagine her campaign suddenly catching new energy.

Booker ranked in the top tier of performers in the last debate, and he is likable. But despite his best quarterly fundraising haul to date in the third quarter, his campaign seems stalled. Maybe he could find some energy in the vacuum created by a Biden collapse.

Buttigieg raised more than $19 million in the third quarter — $6 million shy of what he reached in the previous quarter, but nothing to shake a stick at. Buttigieg is one of the most effective fundraisers in the race. Still, everyone says “I really like him, but …” and then proceeds to something along the lines of “this just isn’t his year” or “he would make a great secretary of …” — which is what they said about Biden for much of his career.