Now it’s difficult not to wonder if Clinton is pining for another go at Trump to try and prove that she has what it takes to oust him from the Oval Office. The conventional wisdom is that Biden is too old to make a real run for it and that Elizabeth Warren is too left-wing. Wall Street hates her as much as she hates it. By contrast, Hillary comes from what used to be called the New Democrat wing of the party. Wall Street loves her as much as she loves it. If she jumped in the race now, she could argue that now more than ever Democrats need her to regain what was stolen from them in 2016. The name of her book about the race was called What Happened. Now she could declare, “It’s happening!”

For his part, Trump would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that 2016 wasn’t a fluke. Far from stealing anything, he won it fair and square. The Republican base would also savor the opportunity for Trump to battle Clinton and revive his chant of “lock her up.” As Trump’s tweets today show, he has lost none of his zest for going on the offensive, condemning Peter Baker of the New York Times and New Yorker writer Susan Glasser as frauds: “Obama loving (wrote Obama book) Peter Baker of the Failing New York Times, married to an even bigger Trump Hater than himself, should not even be allowed to write about me. Every story is a made up disaster with sources and leakers that don’t even exist.”

As much as Trump loathes President Obama, it’s Hillary who has been his true foil. A 2016 election 2.0 would be a dream come true for him.