Just a few days earlier, CNN issued a report on the circumstances around an American spy being taken out of Russia that was so wrong, the Times felt moved to contradict it: The decision to extract the spy was made while Obama was president, the Times reported, yet CNN blamed Trump for endangering the agent and forcing his extraction.

This isn’t just a story of media bias. It’s a story of utter unbe-frickin’-lievable obliviousness by the media. CNN doesn’t bother putting a fig leaf on anything anymore: A glance at CNN’s homepage on any given day is like looking at an assortment of Democratic Party press releases.

Any news that might be happening that can’t be weaponized against Trump is of little interest. Any news that might make Trump or anyone on the right look bad is eagerly pushed through, ordinary standards of fairness and checking be damned.

The media think Trump’s sometimes overblown attacks on them are making it more vital than ever. But what’s really happening is that the media is beclowning itself trying to end Trump. One recent survey found 95 percent of Americans saying they were troubled by the current state of the media, and two-thirds think journalistic ethics will get worse during the election season. Ow, media. Backboard, head.