The big picture: Latimer and Urbahn say that if Westerhout is willing to endure the legal, media and presidential onslaught that would come as a result of turning on her former boss, then she could get the biggest literary payday so far in the Trump era.

“This is someone who had total access, saw everything, which Trump obviously knows,” says Latimer. “If she was willing to say ‘here’s everything I saw and I’m not trying to protect anybody,’ then she could have a huge advance.”

The bottom line: Urbahn says if Westerhout’s anecdotes of her time working for the president at intimate quarters are “sufficiently shocking” she could get an advance of $5 million or more. “It doesn’t get much higher. I mean that would be a major score,” he said. “But everything has to align.”

“And I still think there would be hesitation on the part of both editors and the reading public to buy a book that purely dished,” Urbahn adds. “There has to be an argument or a higher calling for why you’re doing this. Otherwise it would come across as transactional. … It’s a tricky path. It has to be revelations plus here’s why the American people need to know this.”