The lunatic right is losing its mind by the small chance that Mattis would embark on a primary challenge to Donald Trump. The allegedly pro-military right knows that it cannot attack Mattis by accusing him of being unpatriotic. It also knows that it cannot call him “low energy” and “weak” because he is a retired four-star general with a reputation for toughness, which they celebrated for several years.

That’s not the whole story about his recent promotions of Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead. Mattis is also “disloyal” to the president in part because he put the best interest of the country over those of Donald Trump. But the right has not struggled with criticizing others who have defected—Rex Tillerson, Anthony Scaramucci, etc.—because they were not lifelong public servants and popular retired generals.

On the lunatic end of the left, some are attacking Mattis for agreeing to serve under Donald Trump. Apparently, five decades serving the country—often risking his life—is an insufficient display of his love for his country and doesn’t win him the benefit of the doubt. Risking a stellar career and reputation to save the country from an unhinged commander in chief is now selfish and unpatriotic.