“As the chick on the panel that spent most of her break shooting, I looked forward to talking about this,” co-host Meghan McCain said. “There are a lot of people on TV talking about guns that clearly have never shot a gun, don’t know the difference between a semi-assault rifle and an assault rifle… Beto O’Rourke wants to have a complete and total gun ban… A mandatory gun buyback. How do you think you are going to come to someone’s house? What are you going to pay? … The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America, by far. I was just in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, if you’re talking about taking people’s guns from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence.”

“They lived without them for many years during the ban,” co-host Joy Behar shot back.

“I’m not living without guns,” McCain said. “It’s just that simple! … You want to feel safe? I feel safe if I can protect myself.”