Many young people turn to these Nordic countries when they think of socialism because they have been sold a common lie by the proponents of socialism, a fabrication of history that says that these Nordic states were always socialist or that they never failed. There is no stable example of a modern socialist nation. All attempts, such as those seen in Sweden and Denmark, were blunders that led toward economic demise. Sanders still cites Sweden as the bastion of democratic socialism — even though it hasn’t been remotely socialist for two decades.

This is where our nation’s young people get their backwards history of socialism: from the complete mischaracterization of supposedly “socialist” nations and their past. To my fellow peers, classmates and friends: socialism cannot be reformed. It cannot be modernized. It cannot be revived, rejuvenated, or renovated, no matter how much our politicians may cajole us to adopt it. We cannot allow the youth of America to be baited by false promises of a restoration of socialism. If we do, we risk repeating history. And the repetition of history often leads to catastrophe.