But Granite State GOPers were quick to offer words of caution to Lewandowski: if you run, you’re directly contributing to Shaheen’s re-election effort. “It makes me extremely nervous,” one senior Republican advisor in the state said. “He is as much of a shadow of the president as you can find. That will hurt us down ballot.”

A second Republican strategist in the state put it bluntly: “It would certainly give more ammunition to Jeanne Shaheen.”

Multiple Republicans said that two-term Democratic senator is in a strong position heading into re-election for a third six-year Senate term. The race is an uphill battle, they said, with several candidates having already announced their bids to take on the popular incumbent, including Donald Bolduc, a retired general, Bill O’Brien, a former state House speaker, and Bryant Messner, an attorney. While technically remaining neutral, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has praised Bolduc and O’Brien is well regarded in conservative circles.