I do not admire anyone embracing the bad idea of free college. The surest way to strip nearly anything of its value is to make it free.

I do not admire the Democrats relentless demonization of American corporations, which as of 2017 employ a plurality of the U.S. work force. When Warren accuses U.S. multinationals of having “no patriotism” and “no loyalty to America,” does it not occur to her that she’s taking a cheap shot at millions of potential Democratic voters, who might not enjoy hearing that they, too, are deplorable?

I do not admire anyone who, whether through political opportunism or astonishing naiveté, embraces the Green New Deal. It is to climate change what an old-fashioned phlebotomy would be to pneumonia: a bad cure for a problem that can only be solved through rapid economic growth (that makes environmental action in the developing world affordable) and dramatic technological innovation (that makes climate mitigation effective and democratically palatable).

I particularly do not admire anyone advocating slavery reparations — the ultimate Pandora’s box even if one leaves aside the practicalities of figuring out who owes what to whom.