In our interview, Williamson delved into the issue of the political realm being locked in what she calls 20th century thinking, which ignores the “psychological, emotional and spiritual factors that affect us and that drive us.” She contrasted this way of thinking with a 21st century mindset that is “far more holistic and whole-person than was the 20th century.”

Most of us recognize that a holistic perspective has taken hold in medicine, education, business and even science. “This is not some radical fringe idea,” she said. “This is 21st century thinking, but the one major corner of the society that doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo is politics. Modern politics is stuck in this late 20th century overly secularized mindset that is so entrenched. In its arrogance, it points to everyone else as fringe. In its blindness it doesn’t realize, no, the civilization has moved ahead. You guys are behind, and you are increasingly fringe.”

Call me crazy, but I think Williamson’s on to something.