She currently holds the title of senior adviser for everything except racist tweets and government detention camps for kids at the border. Those don’t provide great photo ops, and like her dad she prefers to glow on the world stage at important meetings rather than lead on tough, thorny issues.

If she ran with Dad, this would have to change. Or would it? Perhaps she would just speak to adoring crowds and leave the incendiary rhetoric to him. Trump has talked not only of appointing Ivanka to the U.N. ambassador position, but to have her run the World Bank — and he said this year that “if she ever wanted to run for president I think she’d be very, very hard to beat.” If they ran together and Trump resigned, Ivanka would become the first woman president without having to run for the job.

One former White House insider says that Jared’s many jobs mask the fact that it’s his wife who “has all the power.” And, he said of Trump, “this whole thing is an advance team for Ivanka. He really believes she could be president.” This frightens many advisers and officials around the president who hope Ivanka’s role will remain confined to showcasing her glamour at international television events. “There’s nobody in Trump’s orbit with a dimmer understanding of why Trump won than Ivanka,” said an outside adviser who speaks regularly with the president. “She has no clue. Worse, she has no idea that she doesn’t know.”