Williamson has sold a lot of metaphysical books and lectures that, while occasionally drifting into the “everything is an illusion” zone of New Age, basically offer solid and old fashioned advice: love other people, love something higher than yourself, believe in the egalitarian dignity of your own life. When Oprah started ruminating on spirituality 25 years ago, she brought Williamson on her show. And Williamson is part of that wider wellness world — up to and including Williamson’s view that, for example, antidepressants are overprescribed (which earned her some real criticism last week, about how that view can stigmatize seeking real help) and other hazy aspects of the wellness approach to health.

But we know that, or maybe suspect that going in.

So it becomes this balance between fun and emotion, which is why the room goes silent and is rapt when Williamson speaks. She’s not Donald Trump in 2016 — by now he was leading the polls. It’s FUN, for once. Like can’t we have just a couple minutes that are fun and a little charming and weird?