In the middle of an ugly Pelosi vs. Squad grudge match, the Donald praised the former and insulted the latter. DC Republicans wondered why he would step into a red-on-red battle. But establishment Democrats immediately tied themselves to their socialist wing, with Pelosi going so far as to sanction a GOP get-of-the-vote photo for the ages. Their feud might be papered over today but it boils just beneath that rictus grin.

Then, Trump mocks Baltimore, which everyone knows has been a tragic mess for years. All of a sudden, Dems and journalists insist Charm City is an urban paradise rather than the setting for “The Wire.”

By Monday, the political-industrial complex was praising the nobility of antisemitic grifter Al Sharpton. After all, if Trump doesn’t like someone or something, they must be beyond reproach.

Quick question: Do they know an election is coming up?

Love or hate his methods, Trump has assured that all the media focus is on him. The ~143 Democratic candidates are utterly starved of oxygen, unable to promote their latest plan to spend your money or viralize their sweaty workout video.