Other Democrats have portrayed Trump as a threat to American values, a threat to the rule of law, and a threat to the “norms” that guide our politics and lives.

Together, the message could be characterized as: Yes, the economy is growing, unemployment is low, and wages are rising. But America under a reelected Donald Trump would become a racist dystopia in which all the beliefs Americans hold near and dear would be under constant siege. How could any decent person vote to reelect the president?

Beyond that, Democrats hope educated voters will be susceptible to anti-Trump social pressures, to being shamed out of voting for the president. The idea is that those voters will focus on their objections to the way Trump has conducted himself in office — the tweets! — and not on the economic results of his presidency. Indeed, a number of polls have shown that a significant group of voters who are happy about the economy still plan to vote against Trump.