Epstein was soon transferred to the lower-security Palm Beach County Stockade, records show. At the request of his attorneys, he was housed in the “T-dorm,” an area reserved for inmates who must be separated from other inmates. In February of the following year, he was moved again. “It has been agreed upon by his legal staff that Inmate Epstein will pay for the security staff to supervise him in this previously unstaffed housing unit, the infirmary at the Stockade,” an official from the sheriff’s office wrote in an email…

Epstein paid $128,136 for the deputies to watch him, according to the records. One deputy wrote that he sought clarification of his duties and was told his job was to “provide security” for Epstein.

The deputies who monitored him were required to wear suits and to “greet inmate Epstein upon his arrival,” documents show. In internal reports about the work-release program, the deputies often describe Epstein as “the client” or “Mr. Epstein.” Two deputies refer to him as “Jeffrey.”

In 464 such reports, only rarely is he “Inmate Epstein.”