Cupp pointed out to Kinzinger that Trump has “faced very little rebuke” from GOP members of Congress over his controversial remarks, and asked when they would “step in” to ensure the president’s words would not become actions.

“Well, look, if you talk to all of them, kind of privately, we all agree. Here’s the problem…” the GOP lawmaker said, before being cut off by Cupp.

“What good does privately do?” the host asked. “I am so sick of hearing ‘Republicans, when they talk privately, say one thing,'” she continued. “What good does that do anyone?”

“I agree,” Kinzinger said. He then attempted to defend Trump, despite voicing his disagreement with the president regarding the comments about foreign election interference.

“So every day there’s kind of a new outrage, and about 70 percent of ’em aren’t any of Trump’s doing. I think it’s stuff taken out of context,” the congressman argued. Although Kinzinger said he personally wished more people would speak out about “stuff like this,” he said he did not personally think the president was “soliciting foreign information.”