But as Trump expresses confidence, there have been tensions inside the White House, with some advisers uneasy with Trump’s strident nationalism and firm belief in tariffs as economic weapons. The disagreements reflect broader distress within Republican circles about the president’s sharp rhetoric and refusal to budge.

“I don’t like directionally where it’s going,” said former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, a prominent investor. “The economy is still very strong. It’s not clear to me it will fully derail the economic story. But it could put a dent in the stock and bond market.”

“Tariffs are blunt instruments. They can inflict harm on competitors and be a source of leverage for negotiations,” said former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who at times engaged in heated discussions in the Oval Office on trade. “They can also have significant consequences for global supply chains and domestic producers and consumers, and any decision on tariffs should include careful consideration of all these consequences.”