Recently, I published a chart of something called the Martech 5000 (also known in the industry as the LumaScape). It sounds high-tech and menacing, like a Transformer. Really, it’s just a map of the 7,040 companies that make up the “marketing technology landscape.”

f you want to know where your personal data goes and who it’s shared with you can follow this handy chart (Spoiler: No mere mortal can follow it). If this is the industry standard, the industry is broken, I argued. Turns out I wasn’t alone.

For Lisa Macpherson, the former senior vice president of marketing at Hallmark Cards, the chart represents the reason she left her career as a chief marketing officer. “The LumaScape has become a symbol of everything that’s gone wrong with consumer marketing over the past 10 years or so,” she told me recently (she’s now at Harvard doing research on how to to help rein in digital platforms).