As the Democratic presidential primary begins to take shape, I’m thrilled by the growing field of talented, capable contenders — any of whom would be a welcome breath of fresh air for the nation after President Trump’s divisive leadership.

At times, though, I am also concerned that, in their rush to earn the support of the party’s highly energized primary electorate, some of the best prospective Democratic standard-bearers are embracing positions that would present serious risks when it comes to challenging and defeating Trump in the general election.

An area of particular alarm is health care. With Republicans in disarray — unable to legislate or even agree among themselves on a reasonable path forward — this issue is one of the Democratic Party’s greatest strengths. Under President Barack Obama’s leadership, Democrats in Congress did the right thing in 2010 by passing the Affordable Care Act. And though they paid a high price for their triumph in ensuing midterm election cycles, the American people have largely come around, now that the ACA’s many benefits have become clear and Republicans’ inflammatory rhetoric has been debunked by reality.