YouGov asked if the U.S. president’s state visit, which runs from June 3-5, “should go ahead or be cancelled?” and 46 percent picked the former option, with 40 percent saying it should be called off. The polling company asked the same question before Trump’s 2018 U.K. visit, when 50 percent thought it should go ahead and 37 percent wanted it called off.

Brits were also more receptive to Trump meeting Queen Elizabeth. Ahead of the 2018 visit, 49 percent thought the monarch should keep her distance from the American president, with 35 percent saying it was OK for them to meet. This time the figures were 42 percent and 41 percent respectively. However, the 2018 Trump trip was a working visit and this time it’s a state visit, which means the queen made the invitation and will be the official host.