“I know what it’s like in my district,” Spanberger said after the town hall. “I would find it more helpful if other Democrats, when they talk about their districts would talk about their districts and the priorities of their districts so I don’t have to go back to my constituents and say ‘yes, I know that’s not you all.'”

Centrists like Spanberger have at times faced intense criticism from some liberal members, like Ocasio-Cortez, particularly after they voted with Republicans to pass a procedural motion that Democrats hoped to block.

That led to threats from progressives that they would get activists to target moderates to try to sway their votes.

“I can have colleagues threaten me as much as they like,” Spanberger said. “I’m going to continue serving my district in a way I think is important. And I’m going to continue serving in Congress in a way I think is important. And that doesn’t mean falling in line on every single vote.”