So what’s the real story here? If prosecutors advanced a solid case this far, why not forge ahead and declare that there’s a price to pay for wasting police resources in a city with so much gun violence? From Tuesday’s Tribune: “A young mother was shot and killed, her husband was critically wounded and their 1-year-old baby took a bullet to the knee in the West Pullman neighborhood on the Far South Side.” How did Jussie Smollett’s partial redeployment of Chicago’s detective force contribute to solving the host of such crimes that occur here relentlessly?

Unless there’s yet one more big revelation in this case that makes the prosecutors’ decision sensible, it will further erode citizens’ trust in law enforcement.

State’s Attorney Foxx, you recused yourself, but your office dropped the case. You owe Chicagoans answers. Starting with: When did you first learn of this indefensible deal? Why was it cut in secret? Why doesn’t Jussie Smollett have to own what he was accused of doing? Because like it or not, Ms. Foxx, you own this.