Unlike Lincoln, for whom the cause was freedom and the union, the O’Rourke candidacy is about O’Rourke.

This vacuous lack of moral and historical meaning may explain the windmill effect of O’Rourke’s arms waving non-stop. Apparently, he believes if he waves at you enough, you won’t notice what he is saying (which is vacuous and without definition in any serious way.)

O’Rourke may be the most charismatically empty candidate since Robert Redford played “The Candidate” in the 1972 movie of that name. Like Redford, O’Rourke has lanky good looks, is pleasing to watch for a lot of people, and has a “Kennedy-esque” feel.

In the age of the Kardashians, O’Rourke may be the perfect candidate. He is in because he is in. He should lead because he likes to lead. We should applaud and watch in awe because that is our role.