Buttigieg told well-heeled people from the coasts they come off as condescending

It was a less divisive message delivered by South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in an interview with public television in San Francisco. At 37, he’s got Harvard, Oxford, fluency in Norwegian and ability to play Gershwin on his resume, but he wants the role of messenger from middle America and essentially told those people on the coasts and in the cities to stop coming off as superior.

“The other thing I have noticed is there are some folks I encounter here who seem to have trouble believing things that Trump voters actually exist. So I feel like I am sometimes am emissary from the middle of the country, just pointing out that things look a little different in rural communities, industrial communities like mine. And that we really need to find ways to knit this picture back together into one America … I see a lot of well heeled people, sometimes on the coasts, kind of shaking their heads and asking … how can you vote against your self interests economically, don’t you know you are voting against your interests? And if you say that to somebody from that background where I come from, they simply can turn around and say, so are you. … it can come off as a little condescending.”