This kind of radicalism is wildly out of step with the American public, and President Donald Trump was right to highlight it in his recent State of the Union address.

But even more important, it’s out of step with who we are as Americans. We hold to the principle of equality. We know that every life is precious, and that every person is endowed with inextinguishable dignity. We know that the weak, the vulnerable and the innocent deserve protection, not exploitation.

It should not be difficult for the members of the U.S. Congress to affirm that a child, outside the womb, deserves the protections of our law. It should not be controversial to say that a child, cold and naked on a table, deserves to be treated with dignity and humanity. It should not require courage to declare that we are a country that knows life is something to be cherished, not something to be tossed on the trash heap.