The amount of coverage Tlaib’s curse word generated also says a lot about where America’s priorities are. As Media Matters notes, Tlaib’s remarks got five times more coverage than the congressman Steve King’s comments about white supremacy. (To jog your memory, King asked when the term “white supremacist” had “become offensive”.) Fox News, for example, spent 52 minutes covering Tlaib’s cursing and 42 seconds on King’s comments about white supremacy, according to Media Matter’s calculations.

From Samantha Bee causing a minor meltdown in America when she used the word “cunt” last year to outrage about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s use of the F-word in a 2015 speech, there are countless examples that show society still considers it unladylike when a woman swears. Which, to use mild language, is complete nonsense. I’m not advocating we all curse, all the time, but a well-placed expletive can be very powerful. In any case, just take a look at what is going on in the world right now. If swear words offend you more than things like Trump’s transgender military ban, America locking immigrant children in cages, and federal workers being forced to work for free then, sorry, your priorities are completely fucked.