The newest manifestation of #MeToo is undermining everything the civil-rights movement stood for in the 1960s. At that time, presumptions of guilt and inequality were based on race. Today, they’re based on gender. Is this the America we have fought for? Is this the America that values genuine freedom? We must keep fighting to preserve and protect liberty and justice for all.

Conserving our American principles of law and justice is rooted in the recognition that every person has certain rights and inherent dignity as a human being. The progressive Left is trying to effectively strip Judge Kavanaugh of his rights and inherent dignity and sacrifice him on the altar of feminism, and with him, every male in America. “Believe women” is saying that no man deserves a defense, even if unjustly or falsely accused. Kavanaugh sat before the Senate as the modern-day Tom Robinson, with only Senator Lindsey Graham as his Atticus Finch.

As a woman, I am ashamed this could happen in America today.