A critical part of the crazy is the combination of the national press’s partisan and cultural biases with a guilty conscience. The media—which are supposedly afflicters of the comfortable and comforters of the afflicted; committed to transparency and accountability; willing to follow the story wherever it leads; etc.—continuously covered for Democrats and major figures in media and the entertainment industry. To take the most prominent political example, the press protected Bill Clinton from the beginning of his career until the night his wife lost the presidency.

What everyone knew in Hollywood, New York, and DC somehow never got reported to the rest of us. Self-aware media figures know that their industry was (and undoubtedly still is) complicit in protecting and promoting moral monsters, so they seek atonement by zealously prosecuting Republicans. Trying to take down Kavanaugh is a perverse penance for all the allies they have let off the hook. The media responds to shame over hypocrisy and bias by doubling down on hypocrisy and bias.

The media has also constantly promoted the sexual culture that is producing much of our national insanity. In the name of liberty, equality, and feminism, girls were told to join the boys’ club and party, drink, and rut like men at their most bestial.