Then, when it was Kavanaugh’s turn to speak, I was even more certain he couldn’t possibly be given a lifelong seat on the supreme court. Judges are supposed to be measured and objective. He came across as an entitled hothead, unable to control his emotions, blaming everyone except himself for his current situation. If Kavanaugh was confirmed after that performance, the credibility of the supreme court, the credibility of America, would surely be undermined. There was no way it could happen.

Well, it looks like I completely underestimated the pull of patriarchy in America. If you’re a rich, white guy with powerful friends it seems you can get away with anything. Kavanaugh hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board has called for him to be confirmed and Republicans are rallying around him. It’s looking increasingly likely he’ll be given a lifelong appointment to impose his will on America, no matter how women feel about it. But Republicans shouldn’t expect women to accept this without a fight. We will march, we will strike, we will run for office. We have had enough: patriarchy is on borrowed time.