It’s blindingly obvious that the Democrats are bent on destroying Kavanaugh, and nullifying the votes of millions of Americans who elected President Trump and the Republican Senate precisely because they would put such justices on the Supreme Court. These voters are becoming increasing frustrated by Democratic dirty tricks and the inability of Senate Republicans to put a halt to them. As Ann Coulter Tweeted: “Hey, Mitch McConnell! Here’s OUR deadline: Confirm this fine judge by sundown Monday or we’re not voting Republican this fall.” It should be obvious that this would be a mistake of monumental proportions.

Anyone who believes that the way to punish RINOs is to give Congress back to the Democrats needs to stop skipping her medication. The sane strategy for getting rid of weak Republicans is to replace them with strong Republicans. What we are seeing now is nothing compared to the crimes against democracy the Democrats will commit if they capture a majority in either house of Congress. The only way to stop them is show up at the polls in November and crush them like the insects they are. Then President Trump and the Republican Congress can get back to the business of carrying out the will of the voters as expressed in 2016.