Whom do they hate? Well, mostly they’ve been “screaming at police.” The Washington Post puts this in a way intended to excuse the protesters, describing it as “confusion over an extraordinary police presence” that “turned into anger,” but that doesn’t fly when you look at the protesters’ actual message, in which they “chanted slogans… against the police, against white supremacy, and against the University of Virginia. ‘Last year they came with torches,’ said a large banner in front of a monument of Thomas Jefferson. ‘This year they come with badges.’”

You can see that banner in a photo in the article, and it’s clear that this was not just thrown together as a spontaneous reaction to the police. It was the planned message of this year’s protests. “Dozens of Antifa members, who had come from chapters all over the country…held signs that condemned the university and the police, along with white supremacists.”