In an effort to turn a mirror back on people privileged enough to not have their respect challenged daily, I decided to wear a shirt that parodied the Washington Redskins logo to a radio panel I was scheduled to be a part of one afternoon. Instead of an image depicting a Native American, it was one that likened a white man, and instead of the slur “Redskins” it said “Caucasians.” I specifically had chosen this shirt among the others on the website when I purchased it because it had no derogatory elements.

There is nothing wrong with the shirt at all. But as a black man who lives in this country, I know that you don’t need to be doing anything wrong for less than ideal situations to materialize.

As I left the radio panel that afternoon in Manhattan, I began to notice people looking at me awkwardly. After some moments I realized it could be because of my shirt. I decided to walk around the city to see whether I would continue to get these types of awkward looks and whether they were indeed in response to the shirt.