Keep your fingers crossed for me, as it is quite the plum job!” She provides this transcript of MY NYT INTERVIEW:

HRPerson: I’m so glad you could come in today, Ms. Kim. I see your first name is “Stands With a Mic,” is that correct?

Me: Yes, that is correct. Stands With a Mic is my Indian name from my mother, Sits Fatly Eating Fry Bread, and Kim is my last name, sadly the oppressive, patriarchal name from my adoptive father. I hate all men, it goes without saying, but this does give me a choice as a woman of color between red and yellow.

HR: Of course. Red and yellow are both primary colors with a lot of verve. And yet, you look less like a Native American or Korean than I had expected from your resume, though now I hear you tell me you are Korean by adoption.

Me: Do you have any idea how racist that is? Or how hurtful? Any idea at all?