A new report shows that Barack Obama gave protected Deferred Action for Childhood (DACA) status to thousands of illegal aliens with dangerous criminal histories putting Americans in danger.

One of the many misleading Obama facts liberals like to tell is that his administration concentrated on deporting Illegal Aliens who were criminals. According to the Department of Homeland Security’s 2016 annual report on ICE enforcement statistics, the administration did focus on criminals. Nearly all 98 percent of the aliens removed from the interior of the country in 2016 were convicted criminals The report even emphasizes that the percentage of who are criminals has been increasing, but the report never mentioned that the actual number of criminals removed has been declining.

In 2016, ICE removed 60,318 criminal aliens from the interior. This is a decline of 4 percent from 2015 and a decline of 60 percent from the peak in interior criminal alien removals in 2010.